On Friday, October 26, 2018, Moscow will host a conference on «Orthodox Teaching About the Church and Contemporary Challenges».

The purpose of the event is to intensify the discussion of problems related to the distortions of Orthodox ecclesiology in modern theology and canonical crimes of the Patriarchate of Constantinople, as well as to propose concrete steps to counteract the anticanonical demarches of Fanar.

The conference is organized by the St. Basil’s Analytics Center. Clergymen, specialists in canon law, Church history, theology, teachers and students of higher educational institutions, scholars, as well as all Orthodox Christians who are not indifferent to contemporary Church problems are invited to participate.

Issues for consideration:

  • The One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic: Church Fathers’ ecclesiology and and attempts to revise it.
  • Unity of the Church: theological, historical and socio-political aspects.
  • Theory and practice of ecumenism and Orthodox ecclesiology.
  • Pan-Orthodox “conciliar” (“preconciliar”) process in XX-XXI centuries: results, forecast, alternative.
  • Church external relations: what is the true goal of inter-Orthodox and inter-Christian relationships?
  • Ecclesiology of the Patriarchate of Constantinople as a threat to Orthodoxy.
  • The Patriarchate of Constantinople in the XX century and projects of destabilization of Orthodox unity. Constantinople and diaspora. The issue of inter-Orthodox (pan-Orthodox) assessment and condemnation of Constantinople’s actions.
  • Modernist teachings about the Church as a «time bomb» of the modern Ukrainian problem.
  • The project of «Ukrainian autocephaly» and “united local church”. Discussion on 1686 decision regarding Moscow jurisdiction over Kiev metropoly.
  • The relevance of Moscow’s response to Union of Florence (1439). Importance of the decisions of Moscow Pan-Orthodox Conference of 1948.

Venue: Bolshaya Serpukhovskaya str., 24 (on the territory of the Church of the Ascension), Serpukhovskaya or Dobryninskaya metro station. Starting time: 6 PM (Moscow time).

To participate in the conference please send your application before October 26 or by phone +7 926 942-91-89. You can also send your report or article. Online broadcast (in Russian): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFWHsHIX16Pen-7Y4hwtNOA

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